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Remote Master


◆Function includes Chinese-English transition menu, frequency display, remote control copy, remote control regenerate, line inter-transfer and upgrade and so on. It is suitable for the remote control and the match of anti-theft annunciator, decoding, debugging and check. (Including Auto theftproof implement, wireless theftproof implement, garage door remote control, and electric control door remote control.
◆This copy machine can be used to copy each factory brand's remote control swiftly; including fix code, computer code, and part of roll code. Its function has remote control regenerate and frequency check and so on. Equip three remote control (Including size A, B, C). It is easy to operate according to the introduction in using manual.
    From the date of purchase, we provide a 1 year repair warranty with conditions and provide for software update.


Function Size A Remote Control (be used to duplicate all kind of fixed code remote comtrol device)
Use for these code:AX5326-3,PT2262,PT2242,HT600,HT680,HT6207,HT6010,HT6012,HT6014,AX5326-4
No.: Rm-A01   No.: Rm-A02   No.: Rm-A03   No.: Rm-A04
No.: Rm-A11   No.: Rm-A12   No.: Rm-A13   No.: Rm-A14   No.: Rm-A15

Size B

Size B Remote Control: (be used to computer code)Use for these code:HT640,PT2282,PT2292
such as: Nissan, Honda ,Ford Mondeo ,Vizi ,new types of Vieques REGAL,old Buick,.
No.: Rm-B01   No.: Rm-B02   No.: Rm-B03   No.: Rm-B04
No.: Rm-B11   No.: Rm-B12   No.: Rm-B13   No.: Rm-B14  No.: Rm-B15

Size C

Function Size C Remote Control: (be used to rolling code remote control device)Use for these code:HCS200,HCS300,HCS301
Such as : Sail,Mazda,old type Toyota.
No.: Rm-C01   No.: Rm-C02   No.: Rm-C03  No.: Rm-C04 No.: Rm-C15
No.: Rm-C11   No.: Rm-C12   No.: Rm-C13  No.: Rm-C14 

Press to Press Remote

Self-learning Remote control
* Can be used to duplicate remote without duplicator
* Equip Chinese using manual.
* From the date of purchase, we guarantee in the product quality on mending, replacing and refunding with conditions.
* Simple and quick to apply their owners DIY vehicle anti-theft devices and integrated garage door remote control and home security systems integration.
Wholesale and retail for the product.
No.: SL-R01  No.: SL-R02
Following is the kind of pictures and different styles sub-machine name
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