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Stainless Steel Water Filter PVC Ultrafiltration Purifier.
600L/H 1000L/H   2000L/H   3000/H ,Commercial Home Kitchen Drink Straight UF Filters
 through the tap water itself pressure, let the tap water through filter elements, the sediment and impurities, pesticides, bacteria, chlorine, color, smell filtered tap water, this product adopts PVC ultrafiltration membrane, filtering accuracy of 0.01 microns, The filtered water reaches the standard of direct drinking water, which can be used as a source of domestic and drinking water.
Product description
Water Yiled: 600L/H  1000L/H  2000L/H   3000L/H
Machine Specifications: 350*140MM   450*140MM    600*140MM 850*140MM
Power (W):0
Water Quality Requirements: Municipal Water
Filter Technique:PVC ultrafiltration membrane
Water Temperature:5-45℃
Water Pressure0.08-0.35 Mpa
Shell Material: stainless steel
Function:Drink Directly
Waste Water Ratio:No Waste
Installation Place:End-water Inlet
Product Feature
1.Take ultrafiltration as the core ,filter water clean and good taste.
2.Featured high-quality components ,reliable operation, lifetime 3 year .
3.Structural improvement design,install easy ,convenience to clean and change catridge
Product Function
Using ultrafiltration technology to filter municipal water directly ,that will remove sediment.rust.colloid.suspended matter.bacteria and other harmful substance efficiently .
Installation Place
1.Choose the place have water source and draining water place.
2.Choose the place have solid wall to make purifier stable well .
3.According the function to choose the place to install it in total pipe or branched pipe ,but it must be installed after the water meter.
Notice :
You should open the tap water valve and purifier valve to 15minutes When the first use,then you will get purified water.
Suggestion:You can open the tap water valve to wash hand ,floor...every time when you using it that will clean the filter to improve the lifetime .
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