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Household 5 stages mineral direct UF water purifier   

5 stages filtration home direct drinking water use UF water purifier:        


Smart home water purifier through the tap water itself pressure, let the tap water through different layers of filtration efficacy of filter elements, the sediment and impurities, pesticides, bacteria, chlorine, color, smell filtered tap water, this product adopts hollow fiber membrane technology, filtering accuracy of 0.01 microns, The filtered water reaches the standard of direct drinking water, which can be used as a source of domestic and drinking water.



1,Wash vegetables&fruits,the purified water is much cleaner,no impurities.The fruits and vegetables is more safety to eat after washing.

2,Cooking rice and soup,the purified water retains the mineral substance and microelement which is helpful to human body when remove the bad things in the water.Make the foods safer,improve taste.

3,Powdered milk,remove the impurities in the water,protect baby safety.

4,Drinking tea,the purified water is more healthy for human body and good taste.

5,Brush teeth&Wash face,the purified water will make your skin glamorous.

 Adjusting filtered water taste,keeping water fresh,can remove organics, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and

Simpler and quicker Security   Healthy


5 stages filtration, enjoy the good purified water


Stage 1: 5.0 micron PP filter

Function: Filtering s ,rust,mud,sediment,etc. in water

Stage 2: Granular activated carbon

Function: Completely removing bad smell in water

Stage 3: 0.1 micron PP (CTO) filter

Function: Completely removing bad smell in water

Stage 4: UF membrane

Function: Filtering germ, virus,corpuscule,other solute chemical from tap water processing

Stage 5: Postposition activated carbon


5 stages filters PP filter+UDF carbon filter+PH alkaline filter+ UF filter +T33 carbon filter


Reasons to buy

(1) Reason one: 

5stages filtration, enjoy the good purified water

(2) Reason two: 

Food grade material, much safer

(3) Reason three: 

  0.01micron filtration pore size, reserve the minerals 

(4) Reason Four: 

No worry to change the filters, Prevent secondary pollution, change the filter directly. 

(5) Reason five: 

No need to use electricity, less waste water Real security energy-saving


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